20 Random Facts

20  Facts~ Here are some totally randomly facts about myself:

1. I was born in California, moved to New Hampshire, then Maryland, then to the wonderful Oregon. I have traveled by car across the country.

2. My favorite color is pink.

3. My favorite number is 5.

4. I am totally obsessed with Pinterest.

5. I love watching Youtube videos.

6. I am a hoarder when it comes to my sons clothes. It is very hard for me to give them away!

7. I am secretly obsessed with law shows. Actually it is no secret!! haha

8. My favorite thing to drink ever is a mango smoothie.

9. I got my black belt when I was about 13 years old. So no one mess with me!

10. I am kind of obsessed with online shopping. I do it when my hubby isn’t home hehe

11. I love writing.

12. I always have to have chap stick with me.

13. I love Facebook and Instagram.

14. I take way too many pictures.

15. I am a very fast reader.

16. I love going on walks, especially at night.

17. I love animals.

18. I love listening to music.

19. I really enjoy staying up late and watching a movie

20. I feel like I get a huge discount with one coupon haha

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