Finished With Christmas Presents

We went last night and got the last of our Christmas presents. We realized last night that we’ve been getting all present just for Anthony and noone else. I don’t know how we did that one. So we went and bought our family different things and of course more presents for Anthony. It is so hard not to buy stuff for him. Last year was hard because he was at a bad age and didn’t know what he liked. This year, he knows specifically what he likes and he tell’s us. In my last blog, I stated we went to Disney, so it was our plan not to go crazy with Christmas presents this year. Obviously, that did not happen. Anthony’s birthday is in January, as well, so we need to buy for that too. I swear, so much money is spent between Thanksgiving and January. I LOVE

the holidays!


I Haven’t Posted In Awhile…

It has been months since I have posted a blog. I am not quiet sure why I stopped, it actually helps me with my feelings. I have been extremely busy and emotionally overwhelmed, lately. My family has been going through a of changes that have been hard to conform to. Life can definitely throw curve balls at you, but you need to accept them. My family did go to Disney last week and it was a lot of fun. We went for three days and went to Universal Studios and Disney. I was really excited for Universal Studios but it was not that child friend. Disney was so much fun and Anthony loved all of the rides and MICKEY. I was a little upset, though, because I bought him an autograph book, and he only got Mickey’s autograph. Where were they?! I’m sorry, when we were leaving we saw Goofy and Anthony got his book and pen out and we went over to him. We went to stand in line and this guy standing there tells us we can’t see Goofy. So of course I get mad and ask why. He told me that the person in front of me was the last person able to see Goofy. I said you are going to let me son see Goofy when he’s holding his book. He couldn’t of cared any less. I was so mad!! So I had walk away from this laughing and dancing Goofy with my son sad. It was horrible. Then the fireworks came on, thank goodness to distract him. Anthony was also extremely sick during this trip. He had a really bad fever, cough, cold and ear infection.He screamed on the plane for a little bit, so I made an appointment for the day after we got back. Come to find out, he had a double ear infection. He needs tubes put back in his ears (his tubes recently fell out). I feel we can’t get a break, ever.