Growing Up Too Fast

In exactly one week from now, my little baby boy will be starting preschool. It’s weird to even say that. Preschool. School in general has always been something just far off from Anthony. Now it is here. He will be going to the church three days a week, for a little under two hours. It irritates me when parents put there kids in preschool all day, 5 days a week. I think that is more of childcare than preschool. That is just my opinion. My son’s 3rd birthday is on Friday and we are having a Monster, INC. party for him on Saturday. His birthday theme last year was trucks and everyone had so much fun!! Hopefully this year will be better! He is such an independent boy and is POTTY TRAINED and ready for school.  Don’t mind how dirty he is in that picture. He decided that fun to him was climbing rocks and stumps and playing in the mud:) What a boy!



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