Today is Halloween. I can say I am actually very excited to take my baby trick or treating. He is going to be a dinosaur, obviously, because dinosaurs are his favorite thing ever at the moment. We both have to work today, sadly, so our family is taking him downtown trick or treating during the day. He will have a lot of fun. We took him last year and it was very busy, but so much fun. We will be home just in time to take him around the neighborhood 🙂 If you get passed the happiness of getting a big bag full of candy for free, and really think about how scary this holiday is for a little child. I mean older kids always wear really scary masks and walk around with a huge knife or sword. Which by the way I do not believe in children being able to play with pretend knives, swords, guns, etc. I’ve read multiple posts and readings on this matter and a lot of people say it’s how you raise them and show them how to be nice. Buttttt, what is the point? Why do they need to play with a pretend gun or sword? They are meant to hurt in the end, right? Anyways, back to Halloween!! 🙂 The first year we took Anthony he was 9 months. He had no clue what was going on!! Last year, he got the concept to go up to the doors and say trick or treat- or attempt too:) This year he will GET IT. He knows he gets candy and its so exciting for him. Nothing beats seeing your child happy, right? Everyone have a safe Halloween tonight.